Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A few more disparaging words: Morrissey

What on earth is wrong with me, I'm taking all of this terribly to heart today.

Morrissey. You are a genius. You are an icon and a hero, a preacher and a rebel. You are admired by young and old and your voice has defined the fractious, cynical state of minds of so many of us. With you, our thoughts are reinforced, not left to go stale or brood alone. You are sensitive and crass, passionate and ambivalent. Your music is deeply textured, rich, personal and universal, rooted somewhere in the grass of my back garden of summer 2007 and thousands of other back gardens in plenty of other years. You leave a taste in my mouth I cannot quite define.

But come along now, stop being such a provocative c*nt. You're old, you should know better. Buy another cat and get over yourself.

"The joke isn't funny any more; it's too close to home and it's too near the bone"

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