Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Blissful Reunion

Ahh to be back in Southampton! What larks.
My life has been the most hectic it has been in a long time (due to lack of academic involvement and easy kiosk living), as I allow Bliss to take over. What a few weeks we have had. The manic preparation of play has fully seized my life in the tightest of grips, with an average of 8 hour days, 7 days a week. Not a trifling commitment, I tell you that for free. But golly, is it worth it. The production has gone from a miss-mash of sparse lines, hummed songs and "we'll sort it later" mentality to an almost reviewably perfect performance of clarity, charm and (if I say so myself) utter excellence. I'm extremely proud.

Just a few more days now until the big night: on Friday July 30th, Bliss hits Southampton as a warm-up before the Big Scottish Smoke. I'd love it if you could be there. Our lovely directors, Ritu and Jilna have put more effort into this play than I'm likely to put into my entire degree: it is their glorious baby and their meticulous management has created a masterpiece (please excuse the alliteration, I've been acting all day - it makes me heinously wordy). Plus, to top it all off, I now have slightly more confidence in my sub-standard soprano; I accidentally told them during the audition that I could sing (with encouragement) which lead to the panicked realisation that they would actually believe me and set me the grand feat of warbling Celine Dion songs. You can imagine the anguish. But with the delightful Sophie Paterson at my side and a (very loud) cello on the other, I am feeling almost comfortable. The Calamity Jane days of slapping my thighs and sing/shouting the songs are a thing of the past and the new-wave of dulcet and sultry tones is upon me. I prey.

We will also be showcasing our other SUSU TG play, Swann and Co. on Friday 30th, which is set to be a comical experience of epic proportions, written and directed by the wonderful Alexis Forss. Not to be missed.

Edinburgh is looming: less than a week till 30ish thesps share a seven hour mini-bus ride together. I'd say that would push our friendships to the limit but to be fair, I've seen two cast members metaphorically rape a third with a pepsi bottle, so I think we're way beyond that point.

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  1. "I prey."

    Tut tut, and you an English student :P.

    And don't worry - cello or no, your dulcet tones are perfectly audible, and entirely pleasant.